No results from Copy Data data management step

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Hi, I'm having trouble running a relatively simple Copy Data data management step.

The step's source and destinations share the same cube, entity, time period, and view. They differ only on scenario. The step copies all of the imported, forms and adjustment data. There is data at the specified intersections (cube-scenario-time-entity-view) in the source. However, when I review the destination , I do not see any data copied to the destination.

What else should I be checking to ensure that my Copy Data step works? 



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Maybe you're using horizontal extensibility by scenario ? Also, the native 'Copy Data' step is relatively slow. You should opt for a Finance Business Rule to do so
Here's a snippet:

Dim destinationInfo As ExpressionDestinationInfo = api.Data.GetExpressionDestinationInfo("")

Dim sourceDataBuffer As DataBuffer = api.Data.GetDataBuffer(DataApiScriptMethodType.Calculate,"S#<Source Scenario>",destinationInfo)
Dim targetDataBuffer As DataBuffer = api.Data.ConvertDataBufferExtendedMembers("<Cube Name>", "<Source Scenario>", sourceDataBuffer)	

api.Data.SetDataBuffer(targetDataBuffer, destinationInfo,,,,,,,,,,,,,True)