No valid DataKeys (Scenario / Time) found in data source

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Originally posted by Krishna Srinivasan

Hi - I am loading a simple CSV file into my Cube.


- Created Data Source - The Scenario & Time Dimension are Current Key.

- Created Transformation rule.

- Created Workflow profiles

- Start the Import Porcess and got the below error


Summary: No valid DataKeys (Scenario / Time) found in data source.  Review the source data load processing log and check one-to-one transformation rules to ensure that you have created proper Scenario and Time dimension rules for this data source.


As anyone encountered this issue ? It is so strange even if I am not passing any values in the Data Source


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Originally posted by Krishna Srinivasan

I will answer my own question. I am new to OS. The issue is my data file do not have any data for the Amount Column. As soon I populate data from the source file it is working as expected.


Note: If the Scenario & Time configuration is correct and if you are getting this error please check the data file for the amount column.  The only thing is the error message was so strange.


This might help someone in future.

I am facing the same issue. I tried adding a column amount and also explicit columns for time and scenario but it still wont work. 

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I encountered the same issue and realized I didn't assign the column for the delimited file in the Data Source. This was really helpful!

Thanks. My issue was resolved by defining the scenario type in transformation rules. 

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This is a very generic error message and the solution for the same may vary from issue to issue. But overall, if the above error pops up make sure to double check your transformational rule, Data source for Scenario and Time mapping. If those are correct, check your data file and it should also have the right time & scenario members.