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Looking for others experiencing issues getting a YTD dataset out of NetSuite for loading into OS.   Also looking to connect with other users who use NetSuite for the ERP and OneStream for planning.   


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Hi Ghalbrooks,

Good that you joined the community! As your post does not contain any question, I think we would like to know what issue you are experiencing on OneStream. Obviously it will be complicated to help on NetSuite... but let's see 🙂

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I am looking for others that have created a dataset pulling ytd data out of NetSuite.

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Yes we use NetSuite and OneStream for close and planning, people planning and account reconciliations. We use SuiteAnalytics Connect (to be installed on your NetSuite cloud instance) and ODBC drivers to connect to NetSuite from OneStream. Imports are mainly central and running a nightly batch process for monthly data and during close we often refresh manually 2 to 3 times a day.

  • Import periodic transactions into stage. This data just sits in the stage i.e. no cube load - Periodic scenario
    • Entity, Account, UD1 to UD8, 8 Attribute Dims and 1 Value Dim
    • On average 200K records per month
    • Load time between 5 and 10 mins
  • Load the above data into a YTD scenario to calculate YTD and load to cube.
    • Entity, Account, UD1 to UD8
    • On average 25K records as we drop all the attribute and value dimensions
    • Load, validate and process roughly 10 to 15 mins (depends on consolidation times)

The process looks a bit daunting but once you get your head around it will be simple. If you have specific questions let me know.


Hi there, how did you create your file in NetSuite to hold your UD's? I am assuming you used NetSuite custom segments to represent your UDs, did u use a customized trial balance report, saved search, suite analytics?


How did you get your report output to pass through suite analytics into OneStream?



We used SuiteAnalytics Connect for the integration (direct connection to Netsuite using ODBC) with some custom SQL queries to pull in the transactions into OneStream. SuiteAnalytics Connect exposes Netsuite data as views where you can map to OneStream dimensions. For example the Entity, Account and other Custom Segments can be mapped to OneStream dimensions.


Is it possible I can contact you? Could you explain how to bring data from netsuite automatically to OS? Where do you insert SQL code to connect netsuite tables? I am new to OS.

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You can also use NetSuite integration capabilities outside of ODBC.

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Yeah, have utilised the REST API in the past to integrate with NetSuite although not from OneStream. From memory one of the challenges was NetSuite timing out queries if they took too long and I think possibly lowering that timeout at some point. This was a while ago though.

The trick with the RestAPI is to launch a SuiteScript that contains the query in it instead of just launching a query.  The queries take a long time but when you do it through a SuiteScript the response time is much faster.  Point being that the timeout issue can be mitigated.

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Hi There:

I've created a YTD Trial Balance pull using this code on GITHUB. This should point you in the right direction. I would suggest making the connection via ODBC if possible; we had an API integration prior to implementing this and even with a relatively limited dataset, the upper threshold on the time to query in addition to the number of records became problematic.


Let me know if you have any questions:

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James- Thanks for your input. Does this pull from SuiteAnalytics?

Thank you!

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Hi all,

We have seen similar items with api usage as well.  There are paths to utilize the api while making sure it is reliable and sustainable.  We have done this with implementations to multiple cloud sources using their api.



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We use NetSuite and OneStream.  We actually have a lot of experience with NetSuite and OneStream.  I'm not sure I have the YTD piece solved for you, I am happy to share some of the practices we use for the connection of the two.  We have automated metadata updates and data loads from NetSuite to OneStream.

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@GhalbrooksI have a NetSuite Suite Script that will pull everything out YTD for you. The idea is that you need a business rule connector in OneStream to run the NetSuite SuiteScript that you'll have to install in your NetSuite Instance. I am happy to walk through it with you, but, it should give you everything you need without having to install ODBC drivers or anything like that. Also, the data is YTD.

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We have it resolved! Thanks to KTX our solution consultants!!

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@AlexLadd We are also trying to integrate with NetSuite to pull YTD Trial Balance data. Could you share the basic framework of your solution?

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Sorry for the delay.  The solution uses a NetSuite Suite Script that you import into your NetSuite Environment and then Business Rules on the OneStream side call the Suite Script to pull the data from NetSuite.  The Business Rules can build out your dimensional hierarchies that are in NetSuite as well as bring in the data.  The only drawback is that the hierarchies in NetSuite for dimensions other than Accounts is rather flat and uninteresting.  A lot of customers use custom fields in NetSuite to denote new hierarchies in other dimensions because NetSuite itself doesn't really support hierarchies.