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SFTP by Workflow

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Hello! I'm trying to set up a few workflows that individually kick off an SFTP load,  but only for that given workflow. I created a dashboard button that the user clicks on to run the SFTP data  management job, but it currently loads the fiels for all workflows set up for SFTP. I'm tyring to find a business rule line that doesn't sue the batch file load. Are there any examples of only loading a file based on the workflow selected?


Thank you!



Paula, a little bit more info would be helpful. Is the ftp location same for every WF? Are the file names different? I usually manipulate my |WF| for time and |WFScenario| as parameters to achieve exactly what I need.

Right now I have 3 sftp folders all setup in the same business rule to load at once to 6 different workflows (1 folder to 1 workflow, 1 to 2 worklfows, and the remaining folder to the other 3 workflows). I used the OS formating for the file names below. In the business rule I have "automate" tagged to the 6 workflows that need the SFTP. I'm open to change this completely if needed to make it more specific by entity.



So am I understanding correctly, that system/BR creates all 6 files, properly named, in their proper respective folders regardless of the workflow of the button you clicked?

Exactly! So right now I have the button set up for workflow "A" and when I click the button it executes the job not only for workflow "A" but also B, C, etc.

Ok, what does the button really execute? You said "job". is it the BR or data management? Do you pass the WF parameters there?

This is how I have it setup:




Ok, got it. So is it safe to assume that data management runs the business rule that should only create one (!) file in one designated location?


If yes, I would start with putting the echo somewhere on top of the business rule (brapi.errorlog...) to make sure only one anticipated set of the WF parameters is being passed into it.

In case it's true we will need to dig deeper into the BR. 

New Contributor

Hi Team,

we are trying to connect to SFTP from OneStream by utilizing Connector business rules. could anyone of you help us in identifying the connector rules (Api's,BRApi's etc..) which helps in connecting to SFTP.