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Setting Workflow time from a business rule

Community Manager
Community Manager
Originally posted by Tim Vierhout


I am working with an automated import, which imports files into specific country workflow profiles. Right now this is triggered manually by the admin, but in the future, we want to schedule this. The DM Sequence loops all country workflows load the appropriate files and process the cube based on a parameter in this sequence containing the time period. For example 2021M1.

Part of the calculation definition is to trigger a DM Sequence to execute a consolidation. In this DM Sequence, the variable T#WF is used, because it will also be triggered by users manually when executing the workflow.

This leads to the problem, that when for example we load 2021M1, but in the workflow, something else is selected, the T#WF variable is filled with the incorrect selection, as in the month that is selected in the workflow. When manually triggering this is not a problem, because we can select the correct workflow. However, when scheduling, we would like to schedule further in the future, so for multiple months.

So the question: Is there a way from the business rules to force the selected workflow to be equal to the one selected in the parameter from the DM sequence?