Special Character/ number of characters impeding upload of subledger for a single item in a data set

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We have come across an issue where a subledger has been loaded but is not picking up a singular item/line in the subledger. The item contains a number of commas and special characters in one of the text attribute columns, as do other items in the subledger, these other items load no problem. For additional context the item contains over 100 characters in this text attribute column, as do other items in the subledger, and although a character limit had been placed in the data source via complex expression all other items make it in except this item. Any thoughts would be great, Thanks!


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Edit your complex expression to stop that special character from loading or replace before loading.

Nidhi Mangtani

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A couple of things:

1.  Have you reviewed the Import Processing Log to see what Log Code was assigned to the line item not being picked up?  

2.  As Nidhi mentioned, remove special characters.  There is a snippet for this.  The StringHelper has other functions that may be useful in your case outside of this below function.  Give them a look.  

'Removes characters not valid for an XF name property
Return args.Value = StringHelper.RemoveInvalidNameCharacters(args.Value, False)

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Hi @rsacco ,

The following special characters are considered invalid for names and descriptions: