Update DM job in Business Rule

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Is it possible to update the Data Filters for a particular dimension used in a DM extract within a Business Rule?


I am creating a dashboard that will have a button to run a DM sequence. This DM sequence runs a data export, but I would like to be able to update the Accounts used in the filter of the extract before running the extract itself (via a BR).


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Hi kstandlfer: "I am creating a dashboard that will have a button to run a DM sequence."  Most likely you don't need a BR, just pass the parameter from the button to the DM job.

This is set in the button's component properties:

Button > Action > Server Task >

Selection Changed Server Task = Execute Data Management Sequence

Selection Changed Server Task Arguments = {Your DM Sequence Name}{ParamOne=[ExampleHardcodedValue],ParamTwo=[|!Example_DB_Parameter!|]}

In your DM Export Step you'll reference |!ParamOne!|  |!ParamTwo!|

Follow-ups welcomed.

Could I have a member dialog pop up to provide those Accounts with default values (that the user could change/add)? It's multiple accounts that will be used in the filter of the DM job.

Member dialog pop up.....yup, your original button is now one that opens a new dashboard in a dialog.  This dashboard displays some sort of component like a combo box or input box that can be further modified. You'd have a button here that actually executes the DM sequence after users make a selection.

Accounts with default values...parameter with a default value.

That the user could change add....combo box or input box.

Multiple accounts that will be used in the filter....I know this can be done with a multi-select combo box.  But that doesn't feel like exactly what you're going for.  I haven't found a way to do a good 'Add-To-List / Remove-From-List' type of functionality.  They don't give us the same selection tools that the native member filter build provides.


If this is all relatively new for you, I'd recommend starting small and building up to your final goal.  Get the DM parameter to pass through first, then work on a simple selection method that modifies the pass through, then move on to your pop-up dialog, etc.


I had already tried to use a parameter but it wasn't showing the defaults I defined in the parameter. I wasn't sure if that was because it was multiple members or something else. 

The parameter default essentially was like A#Accct1, A#Acct2, etc.

Yeah your comment for the multiple accounts is my biggest problem. The reason I was trying to do in a BR was to have a text box (or the like) that the user could enter the accounts into that I would use to set the DM job filter in the BR.

"The parameter default essentially was like A#Accct1, A#Acct2, etc."  that should work as a Literal Value parameter type.  And you should be able to pass that to the DM job.

So that the user can change it? When I use literal value and have my defaults set in there, the value shows as blank when I try to use it.



I figured out the way to do that thanks!