Workflowchannel to lock Entity forms for Local users of Entity however keep Corporate Forms open

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Hello Everyone, Please help with your expertise on below one issue I am facing, Thanks in Advance !

We are trying to use Workflow channel for independent locking for forms, however not activated for any Dimensions.

Summary of current status/setup is as below:

1) Each entity is assigned to it's own independent workflow profile

2) In each workflow profile we have  3 forms - 2 for entities and 1 for Corporate

3) Created 3 channels - 2 for Entity forms ('Flow_Load' and 'IC_load' and they need to be able to lock independently) and 1 for Corp forms

4) Moved all accounts to 'NoDataLock'

5) Now Entity users have access to 'view and write' only on the 2 forms with local channels

6) I was expecting that when Local forms are completed and locked - Entity users should not be able to load any data via Forms - "HOWEVER they can still do this via Excel Grid and / or Setvalue" ((((  

Question is - Is there a way that as soon as they lock all the channels available to them Forms is 100% locked for them. without activating channel on any dimensions?


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You need to use Certify as well. Once certified, then it'll be locked for all. The documentation does cover it. However, it is a bit vague on this part.