Workspace - Data management job - Business rule

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The issue is the following:

For one of our clients we have a workspace step in our WF which has a button “Start SAP BW Process Chain”. This button triggers a data management sequence and should in the end turn the Workspace step green (if no error happened). When pushing this button there should also be progress bar showing where in the process the task is.

Question - 
Is it somehow possible to start a data management sequence in a way that it displays the progress bar from a dashboard extender rule and that the workspace button is completed?


We tried the following:

Running all three versions of BRApi.Utilities.xxxxDataMgmtSequence (Start/Queue/Execute) but these always start the dm sequence in the background without displaying the progress bar.
Is there a way to enforce to show the progress bar?

Could event handlers maybe help out to give back the completion of the worfklow?


Does anyone have an idea on how we can get the workspace to complete (turn green) and show the progress via a progress bar?


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Community Manager

There is an api to manipulate a progress bar (UpdateRunningTaskActivityAndCheckIfCanceled), but it cannot be run from a Dashboard rule, only from a proper Extender.