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Enhancement Request - Sharing Entities from "Top" Cube

I've had requests from our finance team about sharing entities from our "Top" cube into another. Our application is in a mature phase now and many of the entities from our top cube will be moving into cubes of their own. Currently, we only have two o...

KyleR by New Contributor
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Resolved! Cube Properties Best Practices!

Given a situation, determine the correct properties for the Cube. Certification Exam. Workflow The most common setting Is Top Level Cube for Workflow (Main Cube) = True Project requirements dictate Suffixes for varying Workflow by Scenario Type Assig...

cbriscoe_1-1714394875753.png cbriscoe_14-1714395189588.png cbriscoe_15-1714395368629.png cbriscoe_16-1714395435635.png
cbriscoe by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Cube Limit

Hi All, I have a bit of an extreme question here. Is there any limit, whether system or logically, that there are too many cubes in an application? My example (which I have simplified here for illustrative purposes) relates to UD1 for Cost Centers wh...

miked by Contributor
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Resolved! Store cell POV dimensions in parameters

Hi all, I currently have a dashboard that shows several cube views in it. I'm wondering, is it possible to extract through parameters the POV dimensions of the cell that the user selects, in order to use them for other processes? (my goal would be to...

fc by New Contributor III
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