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Process cube on a range scenario

Hello,i have a scenario with a range defined (i.e :Month 3 to Month 12) , i wanna process cube only on these months from month 3 to month 12. however when i launch the process cube through the workflow profile, it executes all the periods (even the p...

Resolved! Hierarchy validation

Hi, AllWhat's the best way to ensure a specific tree within the account hierarchy has only one member within it. Would like to have a "count greater than one" alert or a report we can run, as inadvertent accounts affect data integrity.TIA!

NAS by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Dataunit statistics

Can you please guide me the definition for the below points - 1) What is number of NODATA,Zero,Real,Derived cells ? And why are they all under NODATA Status ?

OS_Pizza by Contributor
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Metadata builder

Hi all, i'd like to ask how can i get in the metadata builder view an initial complete version of the dimensions each time before adding new items?When i have to update the application dimensions, i would always have the previous situation in metadat...

MARICA by New Contributor
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Resolved! TransformationEventHandler & ExecuteFileHarvestBatch

Hello,Our transformationeventhandler rule adds missing UD1 members to an unmapped parent.The rule works and has been for a few months.A couple of weeks ago I built a business rule which leverages the utitlity "ExecuteFileHarvestBatch".I have the rele...

SWilyums by New Contributor III
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