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Hierarchical display in BI Viewer

Hello All, Is there a way to obtain hierarchical view of dimension(s) in BI Viewer components (like pivot grid) when you use Cube View MD as a source ? In other words not to have all members of dimension(s) as flat but still to have the parents of th...

MatthieuR by New Contributor II
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BIViewer range filter component

We're looking to use the scatter graph component in BIViewer to display client profitability by 2 metrics, average pricing & volume. This has worked perfectly, however when adding in a range filter component to allow users to filter down on the volum...

SamKing_1-1660073077637.png SamKing_2-1660073176496.png SamKing_3-1660073316470.png
SamKing by New Contributor II
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BI Viewer Grid Header Format

Is it possible to format (ie bold/background color/text size/etc) the column headers of a BI Viewer Grid that uses a SQL data adapter? I know how to conditionally format the values, but haven't found a way to format the actual header line....

sdayringer_1-1654781272903.png sdayringer_2-1654781445255.png
sdayringer by New Contributor II
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