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BI Viewer - Font Sizes

Hello,We have a use case that makes extensive use of dashboards. The BI viewer component seems like an attractive solution for this. However, we have been struggling to fully adapt it to our needs. One problem is the (seemingly) fixed font size for t...

Federmann by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Bi Viewer - cubeview numbers different

Hey guys! I have been testing the BI and got to a point where I need your help. I made a cubeview: Added it to the data adapter Made my grid and card, but it is showing different numbers. I mean the SUM works but those are not my numbers. I did tried...

julieta_0-1673972628705.png julieta_1-1673972653375.png julieta_2-1673972653394.png julieta_4-1673972683883.png
julieta by New Contributor III
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Drill Back to Analytic Blend from Cube Data ???

Hi - Is it possible to drill back to the Analytic Blend tables from the cube data? I have an CV MD adapter which pulls the data from CV, and I created a Map & Bar chart and I want to create a Drill Back to the Analytic Blend tables because it has SKU...

Kris by Contributor II
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Bi Viewer - Cross dim in Lif

Hey guys! Happy new year. Do you know if there is a way to use more than one dim in the lif section for a calculated field in BI Viewer? Thanks a lot!

julieta by New Contributor III
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Hi, are there any capabilities to use visualizations like Matplotlib? If not, any plans for this?thanks,Greg