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Bi Viewer Chart - Do not display specific values

Hi All,similar to this post: I have created a chart with bars and a line on a secondary y-axis. I also used the method to form the se...

MCS by New Contributor
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Drilldown ability in BI Viewer

In BI Viewer, Is it possible to drilldown to the base level members using Pivot Grid within the same dimension. Like if I pull Entity dimension in a row then is there any way to drill down to the base level members ?Also, Can filters list out the mem...

sku571 by New Contributor
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Regression line in BI Viewer

Hello folks, I'm trying to add a regression line on a scattered chart in Bi Viewer. I'm trying to use Calculated fields but when I arrive to the point of calculating the y in the equation I get an error as a "summary expression" is expected: [interce...

giutor73 by New Contributor II
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BI Viewer Dashboard Component Header Format

How can we format the Header Row of a BI Viewer Grid (ex background color, bold, etc)? I see how to conditionally format the data rows, but I don't see anything for the header row....

sdayringer by New Contributor III
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BI Viewer - Font Sizes

Hello, We have a use case that makes extensive use of dashboards. The BI viewer component seems like an attractive solution for this. However, we have been struggling to fully adapt it to our needs. One problem is the (seemingly) fixed font size for ...

Federmann by New Contributor III
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