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Resolved! Percentage sign not showing for columns in report book

hi, I am having trouble keeping the percentage sign for my percentage columns when running a report book from a CV. the percentage sign is working when it is in CV but not when it is exported to excel or when I run it in a report book. I did change t...

Screenshot 2024-05-28 130103.png
rwebb by New Contributor II
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Books - Error in DXCustomFunctionsHelper

Hi, I have a book, with different report, but 2 of them are excel spreadsheets with cubeviews inside. They work, but after created and attached i am getting this error if i want to open it again and do any change. Error in DXCustomFunctionsHelper.Get...

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julieta by Contributor
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Book - Pass Input Parameter to Loop?

Is there a way to pass the Required Input Parameters for a book into a loop? For example if the users picks 2024M3 for time I want to be able to produce a report for that period as well as a report for -3 months and -12 months. I can get T#POV, T#Pov...

Input Param.PNG Loop.PNG