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Resolved! Report Books - Loop, NOT Excel TABs and or Spread sheets!

Report Books LOOPS - A Loop is a sequence of instructions that will continually run a process as many times as is defined in the Loop Definition. For example, a book can be set up to loop through all the base entities under a particular hierarchy and...

cbriscoe_2-1691407382589.png cbriscoe_4-1691408407613.png cbriscoe_1-1691407233041.png cbriscoe_3-1691407596043.png
cbriscoe by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Stacked Cube View Reports into Report Book

Hello,I'm trying to figure how to stack 3 cube views on the same page and add that to a book. I know you can create a stacked report in a dashboard. But I don't know if you can add dashboards to a book or not.Thanks,Will

WillVitale by New Contributor III
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Running Books - Second Dialog box

When running a book, sometimes the user will be prompted with a second dialog box. The first will include all applicable parameters for them to select. After clicking 'OK', a second dialog box will pop up that reads: "There are no additional paramete...

SaBrien by New Contributor
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Book - If Statements

Hello, When using the Book functionalities, one could loop parameters and change variables. That being said, I am looping a UD1 parameter (parameter name : MY_UD1), that is used by an XFCELL function in another parameter (parameter name : MY_UD1_VALU...

Sergey by Contributor II
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