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Extracting Dimension hierarchies

Hi, There seems to be an issue when pulling members through GridView from the dimension library. As shown in the screen shot below, when filtering on a specific roll up within the dimension using the parent child relationship reference the report inc...

tkrekeler by New Contributor II
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Dynamic Calc to Increase Column Value by 1

Hi,I'm trying to create a dynamic calc script that will increase this column's value by 1 for each member in the adjacent column. For some reason, my script is not doing it instead it is returning the same number 2, Would you guys be able to assist w...

Dynamic Calc.png
PFowler by New Contributor
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Cube Views

I have this cube view that I'm building to mimic a report that I'm doing. Each row of this cube view uses an aspect of the UD-1 base member. Such as PE, Description, Name etc. How do I get my cube view to populate different elements of the same user ...

UD1 Dimension example.png
PFowler by New Contributor
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Combining BIBlend data with OneStream Metadata

Hi, We're trying to combine our detailed sales data housed in BIBlend with the member table in the application database. The reason for this is so we can join the client name assigned to our UD3 dimension to the detailed sales data. However, as the B...

SamKing by New Contributor II
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