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Pulling level 2 parent while writing UD8 dynamic calc

Dear community, we have requirement of pulling level 2 parent for a member in writing UD8 Dynamic calc, do we have any method of pulling it in writing business rule. Any solution to this will be very helpful and appreciated.

Ranvir06 by New Contributor II
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Finance Rules

Hi Community, Do we have a method for adding Finance Business Rule for Cube view Report.Any solution to this would be very helpful and appreciated.Thank you.

Display Date/time and timezone in the Report footer

If (uiItem.uiItemType = XFReportUIItemType.PageFooterDate) ThenDim combinedText As String ' Get the current date and timeDim currentDateTimecurrentDateTime = NowcombinedText = "Date & Time: " & FormatDateTime(currentDateTime, vbLongDate) & " " & Form...

Get list of accounts from Cubeview BR

I need to get a list of accounts based on what the cube view I created spits out. The cube view only has one row grabbing all the base children but has suppression on a column that will only show if there is a variance between 2 other columns. Each d...

mvalerio24 by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Accessing predefined substitution variables in Business Rules

Hi, I can't seem to find a method in the api that accepts a substitutionvariable object and returns the string value of that substitution variable. Or just get a dictionary of all predefined substitution variables and their values. Is this or somethi...

jesvam by New Contributor II
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