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Resolved! Entity Security using extender rule

Hi - Has anyone created entity readdatagroup using the below function Dim objGroup As Group = Group.CreateEntityReadDataGroup() Any help would be appreciated

Kris by Contributor III
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Resolved! Workflow Steps - Stop completion of a workspace

Hello,Is there an event handler or dashboard extender rule that could be used to stop a user from completing a workspace if certain steps are not completed first? I have a workspace that needs to be completed, but only after the import, journals and ...

psc by New Contributor II
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Visual Basic or CSharp

We are still in the development stage of our OneStream implementation. We are currently running 7.4. When v8.0 came out, I started doing some research on .NET6 (and 7). It appears that Microsoft is more focused on CSharp than they are on Visual Basic...

RayKelly by New Contributor
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More info on ExtractDashboardsXml

Hello Team,I am trying to extract Dashboard specific items using the ExtractDashboardsXml.I can only make it work when I use the Options ExtractAllItems = True.I am running OS 7.4.2I can not find any information on this formula. I would like to have ...

Resolved! xmldata parameter

Good afternoonI'm writing an extender rule to move some files within the application database file system and am using the following line of codeDim xffProcessData As New XFFile(xfiTargetDataInfo, String.Empty, xfeSource.XFFile.ContentFileBytes)I've ...