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Business Rule with Time Interval Control

Hi there,I'm seeking assistance with a specific requirement. I need a business rule to operate as follows: upon initial execution, it should function normally. However, if a user attempts to run it again, there should be a designated wait time before...

nealy by New Contributor
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Confirmation rules for other entities ?

Dear community, I'm using some confirmation rules but the output is not what I'm expecting. I'm using a very simple check to see if assets and liabilities are balanced, however it's not running on the expected entities. I have set the Calculation def...

Sergey_0-1695298149016.png Sergey_0-1695298528301.png
Sergey by Contributor II
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Transformation rules Subtract two accounts

hi,Two account A and B needs to be subtracted in the source applicaiton and assigned to the third account on destination application in the transformation rule for App2App copy process . Below is my Composite but its throwing error for one-one transf...

vijay_2-1695107885474.png vijay_1-1695107835190.png
vijay by New Contributor III
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Clear unwanted Data in order to Delete a Member

Hoping someone in the community might have a solution for this and is willing to share a snippet of code that will enable us to properly 'clear' any data (including zero) from a specific intersection so that we can delete a metadata member.The DM ste...

kmd by Contributor
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Data seed and fx rate

Hi All,I want to copy Data seed from one scenario to another scenario.(example current year actual to Prior year actual Scenario with different rate.can anyone help on this