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Resolved! Move data between scenarios - Slice data files on UD in export job

Hey,So I have built a flow to push data from one scenario to another by pressing a dashboard button which start a data management job that execute a extender business rule.The extender business rule is executing import, validate and load with the fil...

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Resolved! Derivative Transformation Rule ActualQuantity field as Amount

I would like to create a derivative transformation rule that will add _Qty to the end of the Account and pull the ActualQuantity field from the data source as the Amount.My DataSource has a field for ActualQuantity.I have a Derivative Rule that looks...

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Steven by Contributor
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How to save updated data in SaveDataEventHandler

Hello OneStream Community,I am using the SaveDataEventHandler to validate a cell amount being saved. Depending on certain conditions I update the amount in the “args.NewDataCell.cellAmount” and set “args.Cancel = False”.Instead of the modified amount...

yhussien by New Contributor
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Metrics on Parser BR run time

We have several parser rules that are running on our connector to d365. Is there a way to see what the affect on run time is from each of these rules? Do these rules run on all data that is queried from our connection or just new data?

Complex Expression on Matrix Data Load

I have a complex expression on the amount field in a data source used to convert any non-local currencies to the local currency (see below). That complex expression currently runs on tabular data with the time period (CurTime) I reference to pull the...

joliver388 by New Contributor II
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