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Duplicate Source Lines From Data Source

Hello there, In an Import WF profile, I would like to duplicate all rows where the UD3 member is different than None. In the duplicated row, I need to change the UD3 POV to 'None' I know this can be done easily through 'Derivative Rules', however I a...

Data load input string format

Hello everyone,We are trying to upload data to OS through a csv but I'm getting the following errorI checked the file both with excel and directly with a text editor and it seems the amount is correctly formattedDo you guys have any idea why OS is gi...

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Belmontes by New Contributor
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Transformation Rules Order

Hello there,I made an Event Handler capable of retrieving all 'Transformation' & 'Validation' rejects in order to treat these irregularities automatically. The script creates a 'List' type of transfo rule in the concerned dimensions and populates it ...