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Hi - Is it possible to drill back to the Analytic Blend tables from the cube data? I have an CV MD adapter which pulls the data from CV, and I created a Map & Bar chart and I want to create a Drill Back to the Analytic Blend tables because it has SKU...
Hi - I know the below code is not a good practice but is there is an alternative way to set the data =0 because I want to clear all Origin Base member and UD2 base. Any help would be appreciated ? api.Data.Calculate("A#ACCT:F#EndBalInput:UD1#" & ud1M...
All - Could you please review code is make sense from performance. I am trying to be checking the target Account is <> 0 then it will delete the source value and overwrite the target value. PLease review and let me know if I can use some kind of EVAl...
All - I am working on Conditional Input rule and when I create a Finance rule & attach to the Cube business rule it is working but when I am trying to call the Finance rule or extender rule using DM job it is not locking the cell. Any idea? why it is...
The below code will delete the Security Group using extender rule. Dim secGrp As List(Of Group) = Brapi.Security.Admin.GetGroups(si) For Each Item As Group In secGrp If Item.Name <> "Nobody" Or Item.Name <> "Administrators" Or Item.Name <> "Everyone"...