Changing Historical Data in Periodic Form in YTD Scenario

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We are currently building a simple form for Shipping Days that allows a user to input an entire year's worth of shipping days all at once. We want this to be a Periodic view to align with how the client thinks about shipping days for each month. We are entering the data into our Actual scenario, which has a Default View of YTD. The below screenshot shows the basic form structure and the YTD row is there for reference.


The initial data entry worked great. However, if I go back to a previous period to change a periodic value, I want the new periodic value to update for that month and keep the remaining periodic values the same. However, changing a periodic value squeezes the difference into the next month to keep that month's YTD value the same. In the below screenshot, Cell (1) was changed from 23 to 18 in March 2022. The March 2022 YTD amount updated accordingly. However, the periodic amount in April 2022 (Cell (2)) automatically changed from 20 to 25 so that the YTD amounts for April 2022 onwards (Cell (3)) remain unchanged.


Are there any settings that can be changed for this particular account so that it prioritizes the Periodic amounts over the YTD amounts when changes are made?



You've just met the "Retain Next Period Data Using Default View" setting on your Scenario. As per documentation:

The scenario's Default View is either Periodic or YTD. Set to True if a Flow account has a data value in a future period (for example, Feb) and the data is being changed in a prior period (for example, Jan). Either the Periodic or the YTD amount for Feb must be changed to be consistent with the new Jan entry. If this setting is False, the Feb Periodic amount is retained if a Jan Periodic number is entered, or the Feb YTD amount is retained if a Jan YTD number is entered.

You will need to switch that option in your Scenario, or write rules that somehow deal with it.

Jack, thanks for the reply. That is what we were thinking, but wanted to see if there was a way to override this in the account settings for particular accounts. It sounds like that is not the case. We've got a few creative ideas on how to get around it (such as having the form be pointed at a scenario with a Periodic Default View and then getting that data into the Actual scenario by using Hybrid Source Data settings or a calculated account). We'll try out some of those. Thanks again!

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Did you win with this query? My team and I are having a similar issue.