Consolidate not working on Model scenario

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For Planning we use a scenario of type Model, on this scenario I do not find why consolidation on Revenue accounts is not working. The translation is working, but it does not aggregate or consolidate to group level.

For accounts of type Flow (for volumes) it does work.

Setting on the account is: Is Consolidated (Regardless of Formula Type), no formula is active on the account. Apart from that it happens also on asset accounts.

I checked the Business Rule for consolidation, but couldn't find anything related to scenario or account.

Any hints where I could look would be much appreciated.

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Lack of FX rates in the rate types actually used in the Scenario? That sounds to me like the most likely, considering it happens on the account types that require a rate.

I'd also check if the Consolidation Algorithm on the cube is set to something custom, and the rule does not work on that Scenario Type.

Technically speaking, scenario types are simply labels, they don't have any inherent difference in behaviour, so any lack of action for this or that type is due to the configuration (or lack thereof).

Hello Jack, Thanks for checking, F/X Rate settings seem okay. We now seem to have it fixed using Aggregated, although it didn't give a result earlier. The consolidation business rule, could well be the rootcause. I couldn't find it, but have difficulties reading them. I'll check with our consultants once more.

Appreciate the feedback.

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