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Our company currently has an internally development Microsoft SharePoint site that we utilize for our subsidiary entities to submit documentation to Corporate to consolidate the annual financial statements. It's specifically used for our year end submissions such as audit support, audit reconciliations, audit reports, etc. that is all reviewed for the annual audit. Tax also uses it for quarterly submissions that entities are required to submit to Corporate. The reason we use it, is because we have specific security levels assigned to each entity to ensure folks aren't able to view other entity results and submissions. In addition, we get email notifications of when something gets sent to us. Microsoft made changes to their security paraments and managing the site is becoming more and more challenging. It would be nice for OS to develop an application for users to upload document submissions using the security settings set up in the consolidation tool and would help with the postal service to notify users when something is uploaded. Does OS have anything like that? 


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I would say this is achievable just by creating a new Workflow Profile, using the Workflow Name "Process, Confirm, Certify" (or any other name that includes Confirm), using Confirmation Rules that check for the existence of such documents - Process and Certify steps will be left effectively blank, doing nothing (you might have to create a dummy Calculation Definition, set to "No Calculate", for any entity, so that the Process step will run).

You can then use all the usual security features of OS to restrict upload. The easiest approach would probably be Cube Views pointing to the intersections where such documents must be uploaded, and then leveraging the native menus on right-click. You can attach them to the profile with the Cube View Profile Name and they will appear on the Process tab. A more elegant (but burdensome) approach would be to design custom Dashboards to do the work.

As for automated notifications, you can have them fired from an Event Handler on the Process step.

I'm sure your consulting partner would be happy to build one of such solutions fairly quickly, they are pretty common requirements. If not, just get in touch to our Services team via your Customer Success Manager or Support.

Hi Jack,

Thank you for your response. That is really helpful. Can we set it up to be quarterly and annually rather than monthly? 



Absolutely, through the Scenario properties Workflow Tracking Frequency ("how things should look in OnePlace") and Input Frequency ("what granularity will they be able to enter data for").