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Member list in cube view combo box - is it possible?

New Contributor

Hi All,

Is it possible to pass a member list, in my case flow members, as a list parameter in a cube view combo box?

I know a delimited list would normally be used for this purpose however I need the list to be dynamic based on the dimension library and will be storing the selection to the Annotation view member.

For context I am trying to allow the user to select a default mapping for an allocation rule which will require the user to select the lower-level default allocation member for a specific flow.

Many thanks in advance.



Honored Contributor

I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to do, but anywhere you use a Parameter (e.g. with |!myParam!|, or in Bound Parameter entering the name of the parameter to generate the list of options), you can specify that Parameter to be populated by a Member List with the following options: