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Onestream 6.2.1 Socket Error 10054

New Contributor III

Hi All,

One of client is facing strange issue while downloading certain files from file share folder. Apparently it is getting timed out while downloading the forecast file. File size is around 550 MB ( I checked the same file from another date which is around 515 MB and there is no issue for the same file)


There is no issue for any other files at the moment ( like Actual data or FX data etc )


Questions here are -


  1. Is there any limit in terms of size for download from file share folder ?
  2. Is there any time-out settings where we can investigate for these errors ?
  3. Would deleting temp files from server help here ? ( considering error 10054 is about deleting junk files / temp files )


Just checking if any one seen these errors before for other clients.


Thank you.







I would suggest opening a support ticket for that.

Contributor II

Yes I think there is a limit of 500Mb for the fileshare.
Can you drop the file into the folder called CONTENTS, I think this folder has no limit.

Contributor II

Upgrading to 6.4 at least could sovle your issue : See release notes below



If it helps please provide a thumbs up.