Onestream dailys and weekly backups / restores

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I want to schedule daily and weekly backups/restores for the OS application. This backup would be used to restore the whole application if something had to happen. There's an extensibility rule that can be scheduled to extract all the application artefacts. The rule has some limitations as it extracts artefacts but not the data.


Is there a way to create daily backup of the whole application including the data ?


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are we talking about a cloud customer or on-premise? In the OneStream cloud, backups are part of the offer. So what you describe is typically included and you can just reach out to support to restore one of your apps from the cloud. 

On-premise, this is easier directly on the server. A Google search such as but not limited to "sql automatic backup" provides more examples.

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Please look at your contract to know how long are kept the back up.

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thank you for your answers, 

i am aware that in Cloud and as per the contract with OS, we have backups with the offer. however, we want to do our "own" backups (whole app including data). It would be an alternative to reach OneStream support to restore one of the backups each time we wanna have a restore... is it possible to have something like that through ext rules or another way in the app (it's for a cloud customer)?  

thank you in advance 

Hi, so for a cloud customer you still wish to create additional backups? I recommend not doing that. 

If you do that, you duplicate the entire application and block more space on the server. Also, once you did that, the file is stored on the server and you'd still need to reach out to the cloud support team to tell them to use your copy and replace the tables from there in the app you wish to overwrite.

I do not see why an alternative is needed for "each time we wanna have a restore". This usually does not happen very often anyway (i.e. almost never, unless someone who is not qualified messes with the app). And even if it does, the cloud support path is the safer option.

The cloud service should more than suffice. Their response time is great!

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You can use the SQL Server Agent from the SQL Server Management Studio if you have an Enterprise SQL Server License and have provided the agent with connectivity to the OneStream Database Tables.  The Jobs to backup the database can be established with a wizard.  This will capture the data portion and the 3 config files in the application should also be backed-up.  Please see the installation instructions for more information.

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