Performance Decisions - Dynamic Vs. Stored Calculations

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OneStream consultants and administrators must make the correct decisions during the design phase of YOUR project. Top on the list:

  1. Deciding which one (Dynamic or stored Calculations) to use is a fundamental consideration of a project.
  2. Dynamic Calculations are an in-memory calculation that runs on demand (when necessary). 
  3. Stored Calculations are calculations that run as part of the Data Unit Calculation Sequence (DUCS).
  4. All alternatives should be considered before storing calculated values in the application.
  5. Dynamic Calculations do not store a value in the cell. Instead, a numerical value calculates and displays when the Member is referenced.
  6. Stored Calculations result in data records and data cells being stored in a database table.


For further details: OneStream Foundation Handbook and Implementing OneStream course.


Exam QUESTION: What are the three ways to run Calculations? 

  1. Cube View cells​
  2. Workflow Process task​
  3. Data Management Jobs