Posting group journal after certify workflow

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After the reporting units have reported and certified their workflows. We need to post a group journal that affects almost all reporting units (this cannot be done earlier in the process). How is this possible without having to un-certify all companies and unlock descendants etc.

There must be a simple way to post a group journal without touching the certified status of a reporting unit. 

Please advice.



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Technically what gets locked is the Workflow Unit, not the actual data. The data is still editable from business rules, so if you want to bypass the workflow status, you'll have to head in the direction of custom code - like an Extensibility Rule triggered by a Data Management job.

In there, you could try using; there is a snippet showing how to do it, called "Load Journal Details".

There are probably other ways to address this (in OneStream, there are at least 2 different ways to do anything...), with some clever metadata handling (like copying consolidated data to a base entity somewhere else, and amend that), but if the snippet works I'd just go with that.

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Can you confirm this still works? I was able to get the ImportAndProcessJournals to load and post from a data management sequence when the workflow was not certified. I keep getting an error if the workflow parent has been certified. "Parent workflow profile is certified"

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Currently, the only workaround we found was to not certify on the workflow itself, but just the import/forms steps. Or to create a special certification step, which does not impact the adjustment layer. The entity workflows should be closed centrally after doing the group adjustments.

Also, the OwnerPostAdj/OwnerPreAdj should not be impacted by certifying local data. But that is a change request.

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You can create different members in Custom dimensions for markets and for group and assign the workflow channels for each member and the work flow's.


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Hi @Rutger, were you able to solve it?