Question: How can I prevent a user from loading data to a close period via import forms

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How do you prevent users from accidentally loading data via QV submission to a non-forecast scenario ie; Actuals. The CV is set up to point at the WF scenario so if a user doesn't change their WF POV it will submit the data to the incorrect scenario. 


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Hi Francisco,

You could set up a different ReadAndWriteDataGroup for Actuals. Once actuals are in the system, change this group to Nobody so that no one can edit Actuals for the current plan cycle. Revert this setting when you want to load actuals next time.

You could also explore locking actuals for closed periods. 

Hope this helps.


Nidhi Mangtani

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Actuals are usually going to be locked down by period so an accidental submission would fail in most cases.  If the latest period of Actuals is still open and the user submits you could try the following: reverse the entries through a new submission (if you have the original numbers) or clear and reload the Actuals from source.

Keep in mind the same users aren't typically going to be loading Actuals and doing Planning as these are Accounting vs FP&A functions.  Security should also be leveraged to protect who can write to the scenarios.

If you have people with dual responsibilities for Actuals and Forecast, then you could look into ConditionalInput as a possibility.

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Hi Francisco,

Did you try the option 'Number Of No input periods per workflow Unit' in scenario member properties. If you set this option with 2 first two months will be actual no one will be able to input data for these months.

These two month have actual data which would have copied during actualization. 



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A couple of suggestions:

1.  Create a drop down Scenario parameter with only Forecast Scenarios instead of using WF POV for the CV.  This will only give them the option for Forecast Scenarios.  

2.  Ensure all Workflows are locked for Actuals for all past and future periods and only unlock for the current Actual period.  Still has the opportunity to load to Actual, but if Workflows are locked for Actuals for future periods, you should get an error that Forecast is loading to locked periods.

Do your Workflow hierarchies differentiate between Scenario Types?  Are you using Suffix for Varying Workflow by Scenario Types?  If so, the Forecast Workflows should have no reference to any Actual Scenario in the Workflow Pov.  The only Scenarios available for Forecast Workflows would be the Scenarios that have a Scenario Type of Forecast.  The default would be a Forecast Scenario.   

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Hi Francisco,

before going into any details, one question - have you already tried workflow channels.

Channels can be working with any Acct/UD and also can be setup by scenario type. 

as soon as all Forms member for given period for a given scenario are locked nd that scenario has a specific Channel in the accounts.. this should lock everything for given scenario.

Hope this make sense. However I can say best is Work Flow Channel