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I am looking for a way to restructure a part of our UD1 hierarchy but there over 1,600 lines to move so I don't really want to copy and move them individually to their new locations.

Is there a way to upload the new structure and overwrite the old one, or a faster way of copy/move the base levels.




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There are a few approaches:

  • Extract the metadata as XML, edit it with some scripting (Powershell, VB.net, C#, Python, etc), and upload it back
  • Use a one-off extender rule, triggered via a Data Management job. The API function to modify relationships is SaveRelationshipInfo, search across the forums for examples.
  • There are some Excel-based helpers for metadata management floating around in the wider community. I expect that sort of process might still be pretty painful over 1600 members...

Whatever you do, remember that data is stored against base members; so don't remove those, don't turn them into parents, and don't leave them orphan. Also keep an eye on constraints and channels, if you use them in combination with UDs.

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@JackLacavasummarized your option well. I have reorganized some large (~5,000 members) UD hierarchies recently and did it by modifying the XML manually (Notepad ++). Here are my steps that can be modified for your situation:

1) Use Excel to create the relationship lines to move base entities to temp parent and load.

<relationship parent="Temp_Parent" child="Base1" aggregationWeight="1.0" />

2) Export relationship metadata to be replaced. Add Action="delete" to each relationship and load back into OS. This should remove the old hierarchy, while keeping the base members in a temp location.

<relationship parent="Old_Parent" child="Base1" aggregationWeight="1.0" Action="delete"/>

3) Load new hierarchy

4) Remove relationships under the Temp_Parent member direction in the dimension hierarchy.

5) Delete "Temp_Parent" member

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