Update Testing. Full test or just go with it?

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I am interested in hearing from other users about the amount of testing that is done within your Finance and IT areas to upgrade OneStream to a higher version.

Do you perform minimal testing of Cube Views, Quick Views, Workflows, Business Rules, Data Management, Data Imports, etc. or do you complete a full test of the application?


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Posted by Bill Walke


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Hi Bill,

First, always do your backups before upgrades.
Once done, it is recommended that you revalidate all your Business rules manually. There is no more testing to do. It will work!
If using marketplace solution, please look if it is compatible with the new version.

If you decide to upgrade, first read the dedicated documentation provided on the marketplace for upgradesUpgrade Guide.pdf (342.4 KB) . All upgrades might not always be the same. (depends on the prerequisites, you might have to update things on the server)

NB: The pdf here is for 6.3.1

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Hi Bill,

We have a testing script that we run through for version upgrades. Our company process is to run upgrades through a change control ticketing procedure which means we need testing documentation/proof attached for others to review and sign off on. Some of the things we test after upgrading our development environment (not in any particular order):

  • UAT script for OSMA (the master data/security tool originally named RequestIt, developed by FInit)
  • Compile rules
  • Connectors and workflow steps
  • Performance/timing on QV and CV refreshes and submissions
  • Sample dashboard and data management job testing
  • CV financial statement comparison before and after upgrade and consolidation for limited time frame

Depending on how significant and user-facing the changes are, we may involve users and UAT scripts for their areas of work. All this is done in DEV then submitted for approvals before the prod upgrade is scheduled (we’re cloud based). OS is owned by finance so the financial systems team takes care of all of the above. Hope that’s helpful!

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Hi Nicole,

We're very interested to hear more about your testing script since we are also cloud based. Is this something you have developed in your OneStream environment or is it an external tool?


Hi Sara, 

The UATs started as implementation testing scripts and were developed with the users to mimic their normal processes. Over the years we've added and adjusted as processes change or new tools are implemented. We built the scripts and we run through the steps prior to every upgrade. Let me know if that answers your question!

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Hi Bill,

This is a really interesting question! It is great to see how others do this process to keep in mind for our future upgrades. I also wanted to share the process we use. We have upgraded about 2 times a year the past couple of years. We usually upgrade both Development and Production at the same time, but we pick a day/time when we know the system use is generally lower. As was mentioned, we always make sure to do backups. Then after the upgrade we do some testing of our direct connect, cube views, dashboards, business rules, and marketplace solutions. Generally, we complete this initial testing all within the upgrade window. We have found the upgrades to go very smooth so we are not doing full application testing in our current process. We are also cloud based and this is all completed within our finance group.


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Very helpful. Thank you for responses.