ripping out the heart of OneStream, to retransform it?


Happy upcoming Father's day everyone!!

I just submitted the following enhancement request to OneStream developers. Does it make sense to you.

Let me explain the context:
Before I select a Workflow I have to select a Cube. Why is that required? Why can’t users organize Workflow under some other criteria of their choice - maybe a folder of Workflows based on Finance Dept's functions?
From my experience, a workflow can be designed to update and pull data from multiple cubes; so why is it associated with only one “Cube”? That confuses me.
Here is the enhancement request:
Under OnePlace - give us a Workflow-Explorer that allows us to organize by creating sub-folders of Workflows.
Create a default folder with Consolidation, LRP, Planning, Forecast as sub-folders.
May Oracle stock crash -  like Bitcoin and the rest of stock market!!

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