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The 7 must haves in the OneStream Market Place

When scrolling through the Market Place and working with the solutions, there are actually a few that should be included in every application. In my opinion, these are the 7 must haves:1. Excel Add-In...


How to train end users in OneStream using Train Me?

Of course, the Market Place is not the only place to train end users. Outside of the MarketPlace, there are a number of ways to acquire knowledge about OneStream as well: OneStream AcademyContains hun...


Do you implement Change Control?

So, the answer is ‘yes’. If you want to know more, keep reading. First start by making sure you back up your databases unless you are on the cloud. This is important. The cost of not backing up your d...


Who should be the OneStream application administrator?

The skill set needed to administrate an OneStream application is very valuable. Luckly you should not need to look farther than the team you have that supports the application. Not only the key resour...


What is a Data Unit?

To understand how OneStream performs many of its tasks and operations – including logic execution, consolidation, and data cache – it is critical to understand the concept of Data Units. A Data Unit r...


Looking for Blog Writers.

Would you like to write a technical blog. Please email with your first idea and once you have one blog published we will provide you access to write blogs and have t...


Custom Calculation Audit Timestamp

Custom calculation rules are powerful tools in data automation. One simple way to make them even more powerful, is to create and capture an audit trail of when these rules have been run by end users. ...


Cube View Style Parameters

A simple way to ensure consistent cube view formats and save time is to create style parameters at the beginning of your OneStream implementation project. This will ensure that everyone involved in de...


Strategies for Data Reconciliation

Originally Prepared by Peter Fugere The one part of any project that involved volumes of data that can never be underestimated is the data reconciliation. It will always take much longer than you plan...