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All about .NET ..... with your v8+ Upgrade

Let's talk .NET in non-technical terms and describe it's impact on OneStream Platform v8+ uprades. .NET is the development platform used by OneStream to build the Platform. Prior to Platform v8.0, OneStream used versions of .NET referred to as .NET F...

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SIC - Whitelist the Azure Relay to your Firewall

When following the documentation to Whitelist the Azure Relay to your Firewall by IP address, there is a link to a publicly available script that is needed in order to obtain the list of IPs required to whitelist. It has been reported that this publi...

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Platform v8.1.0 Features

Platform 8.1.0 Release See below for an overview of the 8.1.0 Features. Refer to the 8.1.0 Release Differences Course for more details on these features. Journals Copying Journals Across Scenarios The initial journal copy feature made its debut in 8....

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v8+ Upgrade Final Cutover Process

The Final Cutover is the culmination of the OneStream Cloud v8+ upgrade process. The objective3 of the process is to synchronize upgrade activities performed in the provisioned v8+ instances with operational activities performed in the pre-v8 'active...

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