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Is there a way to automatically change the start dates using a business rule? Can those start dates be referenced in business rules (i.e., in a parser rule)?



  • In any new Time Profile, the Fiscal Year Month type defaults to “Calendar Months”.  However, this can be changed to “Custom Start Dates” should you need to vary the start date for each month.
  • The start dates will need to be defined manually.  However, this could be achieved in an XML and loaded into the system.
  • There is not a way to automate this in a business rule.
  • Once start dates have been applied properly, it is possible to get this information within a business rule. The two snippets below provide examples of retrieving the start date of a specified month and the number of days in the month (based on the start dates).



 Source:  Office Hours 2021-01-21 - Partner Enablement

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