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January 2024: A Busy Winter ❄️☃️

It's a fresh new year and winter has definitely set in. Yet despite the cold, things are heating up on OneCommunity. The cold weather might be keeping us inside, but it's certainly not dampening the lively discussions happening on our forum.

Don't let the chill keep you away. Start a conversation, contribute to an existing one, or just take part in the many debates and discussions. Settle in with a hot drink and join in – every voice adds value here at OneCommunity.

Already active on OneCommunity in 2024? Great! Keep going and you might be the most active member in February. And if you continue, who knows? You could even be our most active member for the entire year!

Here are the highlights of January 2024:

Top 3 Engaged Threads:

  1. How to add two dimension (UD2s) hierarchy in same row/column in cube view?
  2. Navigate from a workflow ChildStep to another
  3. Member formula - [how to check for] Account Type 

Most Active Members:

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