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Transaction Currency

Hi,I have a requirement to report on transaction currency. Is there a way for me not to use any UDs to hold the transaction currency? May be using the alternate input currency in flow?Any suggestion is appreciated .Thanks

GouravM by New Contributor
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Table Name where Dimension are stored

Whats the Table name where all the Dimensions are stored ? I need to generate/Automate a report which will give me a list of all Dimensions setup in our system.I can do it using the Extract process But I need to write a business rule to SFTP the outp...

vcirigiri by New Contributor
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Cube View Cell Formatting

In this Cube View I'm building there are multiple columns - some of them amounts and some percentages. I tried to put the percentage and decimal formatting for those respective columns in the column cell format. However, that formatting is being over...

Formatting cube view.PNG
stephenkf by New Contributor
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QTD Column in a Cube View

Hi, Is it possible to bring in two Scenarios in a QTD column that are not Quarterly periods like M5 or M7 or M10.For example if I use Q1 by default it will be March period and for Q2 it will be June. But if the user wants to pull in data for M5, In Q...

Sam_OS by New Contributor
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Cube View Conditional Calculate Column

Hello,I have a calculated column in a cube view, using CVC referencing another column. This works and is showing the number from the other column. Rows are a dynamic member expansion.I would like for the calculated column to only show a value in rows...

SeanV by New Contributor II
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