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BI Viewer does not show Data After Initial Setup

Edit: Have determined that if I remove a column from the BI grid view and then replace it, data will populate the component again. Still don't have a reason or fix for the issue. Hello, I have a BI viewer that works fine in the initial setup/shows da...

Chart & CubeView Size in Powerpoint

Hello Community, I have an issue with the chart size, if I try to display it in powerpoint, using the extensible documents function like this. I tried several different zoom factores, but all efforts failed. I want to place 2 charts next to each othe...

Markus_G by New Contributor
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Resolved! cube view column calculation

In my cube view, I need a column (% of net sales) to calculate each row/divided by net sales. In the selected column I am trying to only solve for actual. For example actual gross sales/actual net sales, and then actual sales rebates/actual net sales...

Screenshot 2024-02-29 101618.png
BenMannes by New Contributor
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Resolved! How to disable the task activity log for certain cube views ?

I am using BIViewer within the dashboard. This BIViewer uses a data adapter of Cube View type. Now, every time the dashboard refreshes, the Cube View runs and the task activity shows a Cube View entry. How can i avoid the task activity entry?

OS_Pizza by Contributor III
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