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How to get the audit for comments

Hi , In one of my report the user want to show a column for audit which will show who commented for that variance explanation intersection, can you please help me to get this audit. Please let me know if any more information required.

Ashu_Aswal by New Contributor II
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Microsoft Power BI vs. Excel: A Comparison

Power BI is Not Excel Microsoft Power BI vs. Excel: A Hilariously Technical Showdown Purpose and Functionality: Think of Microsoft Power BI as the flashy superhero of the data world, designed to turn boring numbers into eye-popping, interactive dashb...

cbriscoe by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Intercompany matching reports

How can I download the intercompany matching reports it does not appear on my app. I tried to download it through Market place report package and I load up the zip file but nothing appears.

Andy66 by New Contributor
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Is possible to use member expansion in a combined POV?

Hi all, Is it possible to apply .base/.children to the non-primary dimension in a member filter? For example, the below screenshot, I tried to apply the below member filter (A#101:U2#100.base), but it only returns the first member from the UD2 dimens...

Jacky_C by New Contributor III
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