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Add variance for scenario in BI Viewer component

Hi, I have two question in one:1. I'm trying to add a variance column in a Pivot in BI Viewer for amounts that are split by 2 scenario's, actuals and budget. What is the most practical way to do this? I thought I would add a variance in my cube view ...


External Audit

I'm curious to know what others have seen during an external audit. We've been asked to provide change request or service request ticket evidence for any change made to our OneStream production app. This includes metadata, transformation rules, cube ...

ppotenza by New Contributor
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CubeView - how to hide elements depending on the time?

Hello All,I have two elements, let' say for example "KPI before 2020" and "KPI after 2020".I would like to create a cube view that's shows>>> only "KPI before 2020" when my POV time is <=2019M12>>> only "KPI after 2020" when my POV time is >=2020M01C...

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Error: Value is either too Large or too Small for a decimal

Hello, I am receiving an error "Value is either too large or too small for a decimal" in a Cube View when I try to divide values in two rows using the cube view math. When exported into Excel the math for the same division yields 8.2, which does not ...

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HHoensheid by OneStream Employee
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Display Report Header in Excel Add-in

Is there a way to display the report header for a cube view in the Excel Add-in? I have the Report Header section of the cube view designer filled out in the application, but when adding a cube view connection in Excel, it does not display.

cogburnml by New Contributor
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