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For loading Analytical Blend, this is purposely stored separately outside of the cube, as it is optimized for high-volume transactional data.
Loading Analytic Blend data into the cube normally defeats the purpose.

More specifically:

Can we get aggregated data from Analytic Blend (using the aggregation points) into a cube? In the cube it can be locked down, even if the transactional data changes.


If you really need summarized data in the cube, you can set up a separate data import workflow step, to pull the same data source but in aggregated form, into the cube.

Derivative rules during import can aggregate the detail, into a more summarized form that can be loaded into the cube.

Look at other ways of reporting, for example using a Data Adapter that reports on data directly from the Analytic Blend tables.


Source: Office Hours 2020-02-27 Partner Enablement

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