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Question: When presented with data in the form of a grid with multiple pages within OneStream and a right click is performed to export data to excel, it exports a single page. The preferred method is to export all pages of data.

Answer •OneStream will export just the data that is presented on the screen. •It is possible to increase the amount of records presented using an XFBR, but this must be performed with caution as the system can become overloaded when too many records ...

OSAdmin by Community Manager
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Question: When exporting data to excel from a cube view, is it possible to export the scaled values as the true value? The data is being extracted for loading into another system (Workiva) which the client wants to load scaled amounts.

Answer OneStream is storing the true value and using a number format to display the values as scaled. If the client only takes scaled amounts, rounding could cause reports to not foot correctly in Workiva. Possible options: Dynamic calculation on the...

OSAdmin by Community Manager
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