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Question: If you have a parent corporate cube with two divisional extended cubes, and IC accounts have been extended in each, can you do eliminations in the Corp cube?

Answer Yes, you can, but generally there will be issues with IC matching functionality working properly in the workflow. But, there are work-arounds for this. With the above, IC matching will not work properly because the account containing the offse...

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Is it possible to write intercompany eliminations to a specific UD member in addition to the out of the box use of the Elimination members used by OS in the Consolidation and Origin dimensions? Looking for the member formula/BR syntax and hoping this can be done without the need to turn on the consolidation algorithm in the application/cube settings.

Answer The rule should write the data to the C#Elimination and O#Elimination members. We can also isolate the accounts the rule should run for by using a filter to only run for the accounts that we tagged. The rule can be written in a business rule o...

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