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When using the Book functionalities, one could loop parameters and change variables.

That being said, I am looping a UD1 parameter (parameter name : MY_UD1), that is used by an XFCELL function in another parameter (parameter name : MY_UD1_VALUE).

My question is : do I need to use a "change variable" in order to change the value in MY_UD1_VALUE (which is calculated by an XFCELL) ?

Here's what I have currently done but is not giving an output :





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I'm not sure what 'P004' is denoting, but the 'Parameter Values' line should be formatted like: 'ParameterName=Value', so my guess is it should say "MY_UD1_VALUE=..." instead of "P004=...".

Hi !

After further testing, I was able to make it to run.

  1. Books will not work with Powerpoints 😞
  2. You can use the "Change Parameter" function and it will work just like in BIV dashboard, meaning that you can assign a value, or just like I did you can affect an XFCell that would refer to the Loop1Variable (if you have a variable being looped). This is important to do this otherwise the dependant parameter will not be updated

In order to make it to run, I had to recreate the powerpoint in an *.XFDoc.docx document, then loop MY_UD1_VALUE to each elements in UD1, then apply a "Change Variable" for the parameter P004 which is dependant of MY_UD1_VALUE :

Overall view :


Change variable 1 :


Change variable 2 :


If statement ( generate a page only when UD1 is not 0 ) :