Books run from Data Management job and dashboard not displaying dialogue box

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We want to use a dashboard to run our books using a data management job so that they can continue to run in the background while the user works in OneStream.
Using a button on the dashboard triggers an Export File data management step from a data management sequence. When the sequence is run by itself the book dialogue window opens. But from the dashboard the dialogue window does not open and instead the POV members are passed from the cube POV.

Dialogue Window when hard coded and run directly from the Sequence.

Similarly when a parameter is entered for the Url or Full File name, the dialogue window does not open, but does when the Full File Name is hard coded.

No dialogue window.


Dialogue window appears.


How can we get the dialogue window to appear while keeping the dashboard dynamic to be able to run any book.

Thank you.




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DM jobs don't pick up Parameters automatically, you have to explicitly set them up.


You can add controls (dropdowns etc) to manage Parameter values in the dashboard itself.

If you want to reproduce the full "pop up" experience, you can use a User Interface Action of type "Open Dialog", which will pop up and display another dashboard; then you can place your controls on that one.