Combo box not saving last selection in v8.1

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For years now if you had a combo box on a dashboard (use View as the example, where a user can select MTD/QTD/YTD) the user's selection would be saved. This would mean that even if the default for the View Parameter was YTD, if the user picked MTD it would stay on MTD the next time they came back to the dashboard. 

I have been noticing in V8.1 this is no longer the case. When I come back to the dashboard, it is always set to the Default YTD, even though I left it on MTD. Am I just missing a new toggle somewhere that I need to flip on so that it saves my selections? Has anyone else noticed this behavior?



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@RyanDiehl  -"When You say Came Back"? Did you close the dashboard or log off from the application? Are you sure you do not have any other rule in place ex Dashboard Extender Rule to get the last user selected value


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Works fine for me in 8.1 with default settings.

As @Krishna said, you might have an extender rule that is not working as it used to (which is possible, knowing the significant changes to rule engines in 8.x).

To verify, create a brand new set of dashboard+combobox+parameter. Don't copy anything, create them afresh. If they work as expected, then the issue is specific to the original setup - check the Load Dashboard Server Task on the dashboard (and any parent or child dashboard displayed) and disable it, and remove any action on the combobox itself.

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Thanks Jack and Krishna,

I tried to post a much longer explanation of my testing but the moderator rejected it so I'll try a shorter post. What I've found is that the combo box selection saving breaks when you link to the dashboard from a button. If you navigate to your dashboard from a button you'll see it doesn't save the users selections. Just running the dashboard by itself works fine like you've described.

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Not sure what's going on, but this was the text Ryan was trying to post:

Thanks for the replies. Here's what I've found in my testing. Please let me know if you see the same:


  1. A basic Time Member list Parameter with T#2023.Base in it.
  2. A basic Combo Box Referencing the time parameter.
  3. A basic uniform dashboard with the combo box component in it from step 2. (let's call it "Nav Combo Boxes Test")

Result: This combo box on the dashboard works just fine and saves the selection as expected. You can close (x) out of the Dashboard and re-run it and it'll still save the selection.

Next Create:

  1. A button and make the navigation action "Open Page" with the argument “XFPage=Dashboard:Nav Combo Boxes Test”
  2. Add the button to a new dashboard (call this “Button Dashboard”
  3. Run the Button Dashboard and click the button that brings you to the Nav Combo Boxes Test dashboard
    1. Change the time selection
  4. Re- Run the Button Dashboard and click the button that brings you to the Nav Combo Boxes Test dashboard
  5. Notice the selection is back to the default, not whatever you changed it to in step 3.a

Result: The combo box breaks when you link to the dashboard from a button. The combo boxes save selections just fine until you navigate to the dashboard via a button.

I can only reproduce this if I switch the "Apply Selected Value to Current Dashboard" property of the Combo Box to False. If I set to True, the value is retained between runs.

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Does this gif help show you the issue? I also posted the pictures of the button and combo box so you can see I have the setting you mentioned set to "True"






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Sorry, it works fine here - tested on both 8.1 and 8.2. Sent you a working implementation that you can use as reference to (hopefully) move forward.