Cube Views in Extensible Documents

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We are looking to pull a Cube View Report into an Extensible PowerPoint document. We have working XF Cells currently but are trying to use the below input to generate the entire Cube View:


Which one(s) of these inputs would we need to update/ is there additional setup needed via Presentation/ Books?

We experimented with changing the Cube View name and Application fields but have been unable to return anything.


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You just need to change the {CubeViewName}

The file name must have the xfdoc like yourfilename.xfdoc. Also you must open the xfdoc from within OneStream. Probably you already know this as you are using XF Cells.

Works fine for me in word and ppt.

Thanks! Our main issue was we needed to insert an image and type the extensible document syntax into the image's alt text. After that it was just a matter of updating the syntax with the Cube View name.