Dashboard Viewing and Loading Data

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Does anyone have a good solution when viewing dashboards that require scrolling? We have a P&L view set up as a dashboard, which is fed from a cube view, but are hearing a lot of noise around the scrolling and loading of additional data. When a users scrolls down on their report they get the loading circle and need to wait a moment for the rest of the data to load to continue scrolling and get the same thing. Once they reach the bottom they can scroll back up and down without issue. I understand why OS is set up this way, but if anyone has any feedback or input on the different ways they improved their performance on that I would appreciate it! TYIA


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When you say "a view fed by a cubeview”, which components do you actually mean?

If you want to avoid client-side scrolling issues, you could use a Large Data Pivot Grid, which paginates records server-side so that it's always responsive. Depending on data size, even a regular Pivot Grid could work better than a straight Cube View.