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External Audit

New Contributor

I'm curious to know what others have seen during an external audit.  We've been asked to provide change request or service request ticket evidence for any change made to our OneStream production app.  This includes metadata, transformation rules, cube views, etc. We're being asked to provide ticket information in addition to screenshot evidence of what was done for any change of any object.  Has anyone else seen the same?       


Contributor II

Hi ppotenza!
ScreenShot evidence? Never had the case.
You probably already know that OneStream provides (for free) on the marketplace some an audit report for security "called "Security Audit Reports". You will also find the Application reports RPTA with many audit reports like Metadata Change, Conf Rules change, Dashboard Maintenance change...
I would like to add to that there there is also a solution called Application Control Manager that might be usefull for you. And it is free. Again 😀
Have a good day,