Parameter with different culture

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Hi Community !

I am building an application where there is a need to have different "culture" on the accounts.

In my cube view, I have a column where the "cell type" is defined as a combo box based on a parameter where the user can enter Yes or No. This parameter is of type "member list" with "Yes" and "No" being actual member of a dimension, and those are translated.


However, when I change the language, or when a user with another language open the cube view, the parameter displayed value remain the same (Yes and No, insteas or "Oui" ou "Non" for French).


Is it normal? Or is there a workaround or specific config that should be done in order to achieve that ?





I don't think it can be done that way. The long shot will be to store those cultures in a table and make your parameter a bound item and show the values and names based on the culture. But it is way too much work for a simple thing.

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Hey Sergey

Interested to know what you end up using as a solution?