Report Books - Loop, NOT Excel TABs and or Spread sheets!

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Report Books LOOPS - A Loop is a sequence of instructions that will continually run a process as many times as is defined in the Loop Definition. For example, a book can be set up to loop through all the base entities under a particular hierarchy and generate an instance of the same Cube View Report for each entity.

See you Building Basic Report Course for details - this is only a quick reminder that excel sheets are not the best way. Keep it all in OneStream.  see this QuickTips course for details: 🤣

Try this out on yout local OneStream App.  🕺We have a Report Book looping through a group called Clubs, a  parent of children, NA Clubs and Europe Clubs etc.  

Screen 1 - Entity Dimension -Clubs, this books will loops through each group and sub-groups and children in clubs.


The Book will loop for all entities within Clubs 🍉


 Report Books set up:


Parameters (Entity).


Now the customer can stop using excel sheets to see entity data - use OneSrream books - remember to check the COMBINE ALL ITEMS icon to have each entity report printed or shown on one file OneStream. Preview reports books before use.  These entity report would appear in line one after each other in OneStream not as see on exactly this screen shot (I needed to reduce the size of this post).


Can we use an IF Statement to add more looping base on a UD Dimension member parent and children such as Product? Try it. See my next LOOP post for details. 

Happy Looping 😂



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Thanks Chris