Security on Annotations/Audit Comments/Variance Explanations

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we would like to build a report with two columns with comments Annotations/AuditComments/VarianceExplanations). Each column needs to be filled in by a different team. The two teams need to be able to read each other comments. I am using UD3 to distinguish these two type of comments (as the requirements ask for variance explanation from more than 4 teams)

The problem I am running into is that the varianceexplanaiton column is open for everyone to edit as long as that person has access to that cubeview. I have not found a way to make one column read-only and the other read-and-write depending on the security group. The "Can Modify Data" setting in the cube view does not seem to do anything. Anyone who can help on this?








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Hi Philip - You can do this in Data Cell Access Security on the cube.