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Excel Cube view submission before refresh

Hi, I sent out an excel cube view report to My colleague. He filled in the numbers and sent it back to me to submit. However, when I click the submit button in excel, the cube view report number is overridden ( to existing system data) and the number...

Resolved! Show Quarter last month

Hi, This is most likely basic but I cannot find a reference for this. I want to show the time Quarter in a cube view, but the name should be the last month of the quarter instead of Q1. Should be March 2023. May I know how to do this? Thank you in ad...

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Resolved! FX Rates

Is there an audit on FX rates, to see who updated the FX rates?

Dashboard Security for Multiple Security Groups

Is it possible to assign more than one security group to a Dashboard without having to create a new security group? We have a Dashboard that our SuperUsers currently have access to, and they want the Supervisors to be able to see that Dashboard as we...