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Show Pie Caption not displaying when running a dashboard

Hello, We recently upgraded to 7.4.2. Prior to this our Pie Captions were showing up when view the BI dashboard. However, since the upgrade we are noticing that we are unable to see the pie chart caption. In the BI Designed window I can see the pie c...

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Global Row override for formatting CVs?

Hi all, I might be having a dumb moment here but I cant work out how to overcome a formatting issue. Im trying to restyle some reporting, all the formatting is on style parameters and in this case my highlighted columns are being overriden by the row...


change order of AllPriorinYearInclusive

Hi! We are using T#Pov.AllPriorinYearInclusive in a cube view but would like to change the order the months appear from oldest to newest (i.e. Jan to June) to current to oldest (June to Jan). Does anyone know how to do this? Thangs

Additional math on GetDataCell expressions

I have a column performing the following expression: GetDataCell(Divide(CVC(CYAct)-CVC(PYAct)), CVC(PYAct))):Name(PY % Var) The column uses the following formatting: ExcelNumberFormat = 0.0%, ExcelUseScale = True, NumberFormat = 0.0, Scale = 0, ShowP...

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